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Oracle Database Tips


1) Creating an ASM alias for control files - "Missing" after clone

2) RMAN - Recovery Manager

3) Installing Oracle 11GR2 Database software on Redhat 5 Update 5 - 64Bit

4) Moving a Database from Filesystem storage to +ASM storage

5) *** Flyers - PDF ***

6) Disable Auditing in a 11G Database

7) Ora-31637: Cannot Create Job Sys_export_table_01 For User System

8) Creating An ASM Instance on 11GR2 Linux

9) Installing Database Vault Into An Existing Oracle Home

10) Installing Database Vault Into An Existing Oracle Home

11) INS-20702 Unexpected internal driver error

12) ERROR: OPatch failed during pre-reqs check

13) Installing Oracle Database 11Gr2 on Redhat 5 U4 -32Bit

14) Creating a Database Link to SQL Server

15) RECV_BUF_SIZE SEND_BUF_SIZE sqlnet.ora tnsnames.ora

16) ANO, ASO not visible in NetManager

17) Install STATSPACK in a 11G Database

18) Installing Database 11GR2 on Redhat ES 6.0 x86_64

19) Create Database Template From An Existing Database For Re-creation of an empty database

20) Create DDL for all objects in a database

21) sqlplus name.surname/password@TNS

22) Upgrading a 10Gr2 ( to 11gR2 ( using DBUA

23) Clone 11G DB Oracle Home (Home Only)

24) Database Link From Oracle DB to SQLServer on Windows 2008 R2

25) 10Gr2 (<11G) dbca Fails Against 11.2 ASM (Grid Infrastructure)

26) ORA-01157 Cannot identify/lock data file ORA-01110 after RMAN "duplicate database" - dba_temp_files

27) [INS-35354] The system on which you are attempting to install Oracle RAC is not part of a valid cluster

28) 11GR2 dbconsole - emca -config fails with ORA-25153

29) 10G/11G - runInstaller fails with "... atleast 60 MB of disk space ..." if /tmp < 2 TB

30) kkjcre1p: unable to spawn jobq slave process Process J000 is died/dead

31) ORA-00376: file 2 cannot be read at this time , ORA-01548 UNDO "Needs Recovery"

32) ORA-01658: unable to create INITIAL extent for segment in tablespace

33) dbms_workload_repository.create_snapshot / awrrpt / ashrpt - taking an excessive time to complete