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About Myself

I suck at writing stuff about myself, but the below might come in handy

I'm staying in Cape Town , South Africa, working full time from home. My Oracle career includes 9 years with Oracle South Africa, (5+1) 6 years for EOH and 1 year for OOBA.

I finished my Diploma in Electronic Engineering in 1988, and moved into the Oracle field in 1996. Completed my Database Certification exams in 8i/9i/10g and 11G. I'm busy completing my 8 year studies in Contemporary Music and will DV be finished by the middle of 2014.

I'm also experimenting, as a hobby, with the ATMEL microcontrollers, and hosts all my experiments on .

The rest of my time is spend on my family/church activities.

You can contact me on the below email address - I don't always have access to email, but do monitor this account at least once a week:

God Bless.