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Any servername used in the form of hostname.domainname is not a reflection of any customer information, but are ONLY used as a placeholder for demonstration purposes 


Any information published, and views expressed, on this site is my own and does not reflect in any way what so ever, the views of my employer, or any employer in the past

Some of the info published here, includes:

1) HOWTO docs on setups/implementations I did myself on my test server at home.

2) Solutions to problems which were not clear from oracle support notes.

3) Any "value add" information and PPT/PDF flyers I created myself.

In examples which was related to customer specific problems, I've "blanked" out the customers domain name from any images i.e "" will only show as "prdsrv01. .local" please don't read this as actual spaces in the code (images only)

I will try to respond to all comments/questions in a reasonable time, but will not engage in direct conversations regarding topics covered. All correspondence will only be via this website. All IP addresses gets recorded, and SPAM is reported to my Webhosting provider.

I did include some of the rpm's required to resolve problems within .zip files which can be downloaded from my site, BUT I have limited webspace storage, and the first thing to go will be the zip files, should I run out of space/bandwidth with my service provider in Oslo. Please don't nag me for those, should the zip files not be downloadable anymore.

Areas covered:

Database TIPS - RAC, RMAN, Grid Control, ASM etc

Oracle EBS TIPS - Linux - mainly 12.1

Oracle EBS TIPS - Linux - 12.2

Oracle EBS TIPS - Windows - mainly 12.1

Middleware TIPS - SOA, Apex etc

DB2 - Transparent Gateway between 11G and DB2

BI - BI Publisher

Linux TIPS - sysadmin problems I experienced at different customer sites.

Dump/Traces/Events - Controlfile Dumps, Datafile Header Dumps, Sql Tracing 10046 etc

Hyperion TIPS and Sun Solaris Tips


The HTML tool I'm using isn't that fancy - expected when it's freeware - use it ....... don't use it ...